Real Estate Transaction

Achieving a real estate transaction has many parameters to take into account. Here are the essential steps to acquire your property in all serenity.

Note the needs of the client

Whether a house or an apartment, in town or in the countryside, to renovate or new. We agree with the client of his maximum budget? Once all these questions are resolved, we have a clearer vision of your requirements.

Search and Filtering

We make as many visits as possible with the Client. The rare pearl is often not found the first time, we take the necessary time by sensitizing the Customer to accept being demotivated at times.

Additional Information

Once the client has made a first selection, we visit the accommodation in question at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening), we walk around the neighborhood, ring the door of the neighbors to know the possible negative points of the surroundings without forgetting to inform us about future public or private projects in the surroundings.

Signature of authentic acts

Your decision is confirmed, a first offer of purchase is proposed. Choose your notary (the one of your choice, not necessarily that of the seller) for the purpose of signing the sales agreement.

If your credit is accepted by the bank, it is time to make a firm and final offer and sign the compromise.

The documents (credit, title) are prepared by the notary within an average of one month.